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Atco GT 30 E

Atco GT 30 E

£5,199.00 Regular Price
£4,449.00Sale Price
Leading the way in lawnmowing technology ATCO is proud to add its first battery powered ride-on garden tractor to the 2021 range. The GT 30 e offers all the features of a petrol Garden Tractor with all the advantages of battery power.
The GT 30 e, Epower driven by STIGA, is powered by our premium LG 48V Lithium-Ion 40Ah battery, combines comfort, low maintenance and no carbon dioxide emissions, providing a cleaner and quieter lawnmowing experience.
Features include pedal operated electric transmission, 1.2Kw transaxle motor and blade engagement with untimed blade rotation. The spacious 240-litre grass collector can be easily emptied from the driver seat with a handy lever. The convenient snap-on hose connector allows for easy cleaning of the underside of the deck to remove the usual garden debris.
The 2 bladed cutting deck with twin blade motors – 1.5Kw motors per blade gives a 5% faster blade speed ensuring a cleaner cut and unmatched collection. The GT 30 e has seven pre-set cutting heights ranging from 25mm to 80mm and with the mulching plug that is included can be easily converted to allow mulching. An optional rear deflector can be added to allow rear discharge where collection is not needed.
It is equipped with 2 anti-scalp wheels to help prevent unsightly scalping that can occur when turning on uneven or sloping terrain. The belt and pulley free design along with the no memory effect premium LG Lithium battery mean less maintenance and a longer service life. LED dashboard for smooth digitally controlled power delivery and fitted headlights to allow for year-round use. Up to 60 minutes running time on a single charge. Suitable for areas up to 3000m2
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