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Atco Liner 16S Petrol Rotary

Atco Liner 16S Petrol Rotary

£459.00 Regular Price
£399.00Sale Price
One of the most compact petrol self-propelled roller mowers available, the high quality but affordable Liner 16S is an easy to manage machine that is ideal for anyone looking to create a smart striped effect across a less substantial area.
Powered by STIGA with a ST 140 Autochoke engine; a 139cc four-stroke OHV unit that’s characterised by its fuel efficiency, reduced emission output and smooth, quiet operation.
In order to help you deal with changing grass lengths - and to create your preferred finish - the Liner 16S has been furnished with five pre-set cutting-heights (20-70mm), which are quick and easy to select using just one lever. A skid-plate prevents turf damage by eliminating the scalping that can occur when working on undulating terrain; while a robust steel cutter deck confers superior durability.
Other important attributes include ball-bearing roller/wheel mounts that provide a smooth rough grass run; a ‘collector full’ warning that will alert you when the ample 55-litre bag is at capacity; and adjustable/collapsible handles for comfort and convenience.
This model is a good match for smaller areas around 500m2.
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