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Atco Liner 18S LI Kit Cordless Rotary

Atco Liner 18S LI Kit Cordless Rotary

£799.00 Regular Price
£689.00Sale Price

Innovative low maintenance and ‘intelligent’ motor technology for efficient working allows this mower longer operation times of up to 60 minutes. The 1500W DigiTorq motor is brushless, extending the lifetime of the machine and enhancing energy savings. Plus this roller mower is quieter than it’s petrol counterpart, making it considerate to both the environment and your neighbours!

Fitted with ergonomic soft-grip handlebars for comfort, the Liner 18S Li also features 180mm ball-bearing front wheels for effortless land conveyance. Anti-gouge skid plates enable multi-terrain transitions without harming the turf and the full width roller not only produces a classic striped finish but also provides extra stability for tidying around difficult-to-reach ornamental areas without ditching you in the flowerbeds.

This stylish 46cm lawnmower mower features a spacious 55-litre grass bag with a bag-full indicator that is collapsible for easy storage and comes fully kitted with batteries and charger included.

The Liner 18S Li furnishes impressive usability. A clean, no mess, no fuss, quick start accessibility and maintenance is simplicity itself - just pop in the batteries and go. Create the perfect stripped finish the green way and at an excellent, economically friendly price.
2x4Ah 48 V Batteries & Battery Charger come included as standard.
Suitable for lawns up to 1200m2

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