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Cobra SG15L Petrol Stump Grinder

Cobra SG15L Petrol Stump Grinder

£1,299.00 Regular Price
£1,199.00Sale Price

Introducing the new Cobra SG15L Stump Grinder. It can tackle tree stumps and root systems from 600mm above the ground to 235mm below ground. A powerful Loncin G420 engine and 9 heavy duty teeth providing excellent results.



› Engine: 15hp Loncin G420

› Drive Type: Hand Propelled

› Cutting Depth Below Ground: 235mm

› Cutting Depth Above Ground: 600mm

› Cutting Wheel Diameter / Thickness: 300mm / 90mm

› Teeth: 9

› Domestic Warranty: 2 Years / Professional: 1 Year

› Weight: 110kg

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