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Hayter Osprey 46 AD Petrol Rotary (code - 611B)

Hayter Osprey 46 AD Petrol Rotary (code - 611B)

£539.00 Regular Price
£489.00Sale Price

The Hayter Osprey 46 4-wheel rotary mower with Auto-Drive has a fixed speed of 2.0mph so that you can mow your garden without having to push the mower. Recommended for medium-sized gardens or small orchards that are up to 500 square metres with uneven or sloped ground. This mower comes with a mulch plug and is fitted with a 3-in-1 blade that can recycle your grass clippings by turning them into grass mulch and feed them back as natural fertiliser to help you achieve a luscious looking lawn. So say goodbye to having to empty your grass bag into your garden waste bin week after week.

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