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Stiga SRC 36 V Tiller

Stiga SRC 36 V Tiller

£299.00 Regular Price
£259.00Sale Price

The STIGA SRC 36 V rotary tiller combines comfort and manoeuvrability. Powered by a 123 cc 4-stroke petrol engine (1.90 kW), the SRC 36 V makes it possible to work the soil of allotments and fields, minimising the effort required. The 4 rotors (2 on each side) make it possible to work the earth down to a depth of 12 cm for a total clearing width of 36 cm, ensuring clods of earth are broken down effectively, mixing them effortlessly and preparing the soil for planting. The SRC 36 V is equipped with 1 front wheel which facilitates its transport.

Built today for tomorrow, this model comes with a minimum 2-year Warranty.

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